Once I got the black raspberries home, I saw how many bugs were in our collection of raspberries. Generally, because of their delicate nature, you don’t want to rinse berries until you are ready to eat them but there were so many that I needed to clear them of the bugs.

I rinsed the black raspberries twice in a mixture of salt, vinegar, and water. In a bucket I added a half cup of vinegar, a quarter cup of salt, and about 4 cups of water. I gently dumped the berries in the bucket and gently stirred them with a spider ladle. Using the spider ladle, I removed them from the vinegar mixture and added them to a bowl of fresh water. I gently agitated them again with the spider ladle and then transferred them to a clean colander.  I repeated this twice more.

The bugs don’t like the salt and vinegar so they will try to escape and crawl out of all the nooks and crannies of the berries. DO NOT FREAK OUT…even though you will want to.

After the last rinse, you can lay the berries out in a single layer over paper towels to dry. This step is important because moisture will cause your berries to mold very quickly. Since I was making jam with these berries, I didn’t bother letting them air dry.

Once they are dry, you can place them in the fridge.

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