I bet you thought I forgot about this guy, didn’t you?

With all my preserving projects, traveling, moving, and learning a new relationship, I did kind of forget about my limoncello. The good news is that since I’ve forgotten about it, the limoncello had time to mature into a wonderful liqueur…however, I am late on giving the details on this limoncello.

When we left off, we had lemon peels soaking in Everclear and Vodka. Generally, it takes about 3 months for all the oils and essence to completely leach out of the peel and into the liquor. To test if all the oils have been leached out, you want to fish out a lemon peel and bend it. If the lemon peel breaks, then the liquor is ready to be filtered. If it is still pliable, it needs to sit longer.

My lemon peels took a little longer than 3 months, they took about 5 months. At the 5 month mark, I separated the lemon peel and liquor by pouring the mixture over a strainer. After tossing the lemon peels, I filtered the liquor with a coffee filter. I poured this into a clean 2 gallon jar.

Meanwhile, I boiled 4 cups of white sugar with 3 cups of water and let this mixture cool before adding it to the liquor.

This mixture will sit and mellow for about 3 months before it’s ready to bottle.

I keep refillable & “resealable” bottles that I’ve emptied throughout the year. I like bottles that have cork tops.

Second rest phase

I used to get all “Martha-Stewart” and meticulously remove any old labels on any jars used for bottling…but I’ve since succumbed to the reality that I don’t have minions to take care of every project detail in my life and I’ve resigned to scribbling out the original name and writing over it. Since this will be the best limoncello you will ever drink, it really doesn’t matter.

Real Deal Limoncello, 2nd Phase


  • 4 cups white sugar
  • 3 cups water

2nd Phase Directions

  1. Dissolve sugar in water.  Let cool completely.
  2. Separate lemon peels from Liquor infusion.
  3. Filter liquor infusion with coffee filter
  4. Add sugar water to liquor infusion
  5. Let mellow for 3-4 months.
  6. Bottle


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