Enjoying Home Baked Treats With A Pair Of Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutters!

mickey mouse cookie cutterWelcome back to the world of good food and great appliances! I have been a little tied up with celebrating family birthdays, when I realised that good food can always tempt the most monotonous of people to indulge in variety and versatility. To add to satisfying the taste buds, the whole process of chopping, churning, cutting and shaping can be enlivened with the help of interesting equipments! Have you ever taken your kids to the kitchen? Well, I’m sure you have, but I’m not simply suggesting feeding them and pushing them off to the nursery. Toddlers and older kids can be of great help to you if you train them early with the right set of kitchen tools. With time, they will learn the tricks of the trade and might as well surprise you by baking their own blueberry muffins or quirky cookies for the next birthday party!

Last week, we had been invited to a toddler’s birthday party and the spread on the table had left me amazed! There were cookies of different shapes and sizes, cupcakes with yummy frosting and mini sandwiches in a variety of flavours. What stood out from the rest were the unbelievably cute Mickey Mouse shaped cookies in pretty looking rainbow colours. I had to ask the host where they had got them from and was all the more impressed after knowing that the cookies were mostly made by the children at home with a Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutter. This family I’m talking about has an entire section dedicated for the kids to experiment with food. These cookie cutters, they say, are their recent addition and they have had jars full of crunchy cookies to munch on since the purchase.

I came back and read up on these cutters.  They looked promising not only for home baking but also for those who have taken up baking as a profession. The set includes two shape cutters; one Mickey face and the other Mickey ears. They are approximately 3 inches in size. These cutters are perfect for all kinds of celebrations. Please don’t underestimate its versatile nature just because they are named cookie cutters. From cutting walnut brownies to bar cookies to shaping sandwiches, these cutters can do it all. Who wouldn’t want a Mickey Mouse shaped sandwich on a lazy Sunday morning? If you are the more adventurous type, you could try shaping a boring omelette to look like Mickey’s ears or a pancake that has not been slathered with maple syrup, to look like Mickey himself. This will also ensure cleaner plates and happier kids. What else can you ask for?

Your five year old is back from school with a project. You will need to send a meal box full of edible craft. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Not anymore! A Mickey Mouse cookie cutter can help solve your problem in a jiffy. Just bake the base, cut out shapes for the meal box and your kid will bring back an empty box that evening, along with the best grades in Craft class.

If you are worried about spending too much on them, please remember that these are made of food grade material that is built to last for a long time in your kitchen. They also come in with an Instruction manual and a book filled with craft ideas to make your sessions even more interesting.

Now comes the best part of having these cutters. They are ideal for use with rolled fondant, gum paste, Marzipan, Fondant cakes and even craft clays. They are low maintenance cutters and the only way to keep them clean is by simply hand washing in soapy water and towel drying them.

I am tempted to buy a set for myself and a few more for gifting loved ones who enjoy baking different things. Breakfast tables will no longer be boring, theme-based celebrations will seem easier and with Christmas coming up in two months, there is nothing like practicing for a while before the real treats happen. If you have been eyeing a meaningful gift for that nephew or that niece who could be the next Martha Stewart or Jamie Oliver, these Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutters could be your best bet!  I’d like to also give thanks to Sweet Elite tools for their excellent baking essentials that helped me out no end.  Nice stuff go and take a look!